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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Patrick Zanvettor

Portrait of Patrick Zanvettor


Skateschool Bozen is part of the umbrella organization "Freestyleassociation".
The goal of Skateschool is to bring people of all ages to this sport, but it is particularly suitable for young people who have an optimal balance and physical condition.
Skating offers a whole series of extremely valuable pedagogical aspects which are very conducive to the process of maturation of a young person. The most important aspects are: motor skills, dexterity, creativity, concentration and social competency.

The course offered by Skateschool Bozen in the South Tyrolean Sportforum Mals is held by qualified skate instructors and includes an introductory stage with the history of the skateboard, followed by the rules of safety and regulations, as well as the rules in the skatepark (for all participants).
Subsequently, each participant can choose from the following: theory (materials, naming and theory of tricks, surfaces: pool, ramps, rails etc.), basic with balanceboard and decks, skateboarding (practical driving techniques with helmet and skateboard)

The Skateschoolteam consists of three FHIP-certified skate instructors who have been active in the following areas: Active members of the association „Skateproject“, participation in the organization committee of the Fis Snowboard and the Slopestyle Worldcup, cooperation in the youth center „Papperlapapp“. All three have decisively contributed of the developement of skating in South Tyrol (Platza and Platzetta in Bozen) as well as of other projects in South Tyrol). They are well integrated into the South Tyrolean skating scene.


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