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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

ZŠkŠny Magdolna (Magda)
BeachVolley, Volleyball

Portrait Magda Zakany

teacher of physical education (degree: University of Physical Education)

Dance pedagogue (degree: Hungarian Dance Academy)

Curriculum vitae:
I have taught at every level of public education with my degree gained at the University of Physical Education. After completing the necessary years, I became a mentor teacher and later an instructor at the university.

Subjects taught:

During my university years, my attention turned to both classical and modern genres of dance. I have gained my knowledge of ballet from Hungarian and Russian ballet masters and I have perfected my knowledge of modern dance at institutions training professional dancers.

In the past decades I have presented lessons in international P.E. teachers’ seminars in the following cities:
Budapest,Gent,Graz,Mestre,Vierumaki and Taipei.
Currently I teach classical ballet and modern dance from the age of 4 to all ages in my own studio. Since starting my career, I have created choreographies for numerous dance and theatre performances.

Title of the course:

The pedagogical basis of my classes is a holistic sport and art teaching approach in which the aim is to motivate the human mind, soul and physique. The materials I teach differ every single lesson but in each of them I teach movements and etudes that can be applied in everyday physical education. These etudes develop general coordination, movement memory as well as artistic expression.

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