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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Muriel Sutter
Burner Games Fantasy, Burner Hunger Games, Burner Top 10 Games, Donut Hockey,
Burner Speed Handball, Burner Speed Basketball

Portrait Muriel Sutter

About me:
Already in my younger days I spent every free minute with different ball sport disciplines. On account of my varied interests and skills in sports in general and sports games in particular, I could realise professional engagements at school and university early on. Since 2005 I have been active in National Advanced Teacher Training in Switzerland and since 2009 I has taught in International Physical Education Seminars. In 2013 I founded the startup BURNER MOTION ltd. offering various services concerning sports and physical education and started editing the book row „Burner Motion“ at Hofmann Schorndorf publishing company..


2001: Sports teacher's certificate 2nd degree      
DSGB University of Basel

2013: German teachers certificate for highscool teaching degree     
German seminar University of Basel, FHNW


since 2013: Founder and president of the board, author, instructor
Burner Motion ltd.: www.burnermotion.ch

since 2013: Editorial of Burner Motion book row
Hofmann Schorndorf publishing company: www.sportfachbuch.de

since 2009: Adviser in National and International teachers advanced training conferences and sports symposia.
Various organisators

since 1997: Highschool teacher for sports and german language
Gymnasium Leonhard Basel CH: www.gymnasium-leonhard.ch

2000-2008: Lecturer in sports games education institute of sport and sports sciences
DSBG University of Basel CH: www.dsbg.unibas.ch

2003-2005: Journalist for the magazine "mobile", Federal Office for sport Magglingen
BASPO Federal Department for Sports: www.baspo.ch



BURNER GAMES FANTASY - Fun - Tension - Adventure!
By playing games you forget all efforts an you can live in another world. Millions of electronic fantasy computer games show that the desire of humans for acting (hero) figures, roles and missions is very important. Burner Games bring that trend into your gym: Play Katniss, King Kong, Jedi-Knight, Alien or Monster and your gym class will turn into a thrilling adventure. Have fun!
Hofmann Schorndorf 2016 ISBN 978-3-7780-2911-4 (german edition)

BURNER SPEED HANDBALL - Easy - attractive - fast!
Get the complex game handball played by everybody, even by people with very limited ball game skills. Create trainings which are great fun for advanced as well as for beginners. Speed Handball is a very easy, fast and attractive variation of handball and teaches you a lot of creative game variations for your classes. By the way, your students will learn a lot of skills by playing those games.
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2015 ISBN 978-3-7780-2941-1
Burner Games Revolution - New ideas for ultimate games classes
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2014, ISBN 978-3-7780-2931-2
60 pages coloured, CHF 21.90

Burner Games Revolution - New ideas for ultimate games classes
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2014, ISBN 978-3-7780-2931-2
60 pages coloured, CHF 21.90

Burner Games Reloaded - New Games for even more fun
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2013, ISBN 978-3-7780-2921-3
60 pages coloured, CHF 21.90
also available in dutch

Burner Games - Small Games with a huge fun factor (german version)
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2013, ISBN 978-3-7780-2911-4
60 pages coloured, CHF 21.90
also available in english, dutch, italian

3-2-1 Goal! Hands-on toolbox for sports games (german version)
Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing 2013, ISBN 978-3-7780-8780-0
112 pages coloured, CHF 29.20
also available in english


Publications of experts, edited by Muriel Sutter

BURNER PARKOUR - Efficiently through the urban environment
The art of efficient motion in urban environments fascinates kids as well as teens and adults. With this book written by Parkour Pioneer Roger Widmer beginners as well as advanced teachers and students can work easy and safe. It is created and realized according the educational concept TRuST (training and standard), classified in 4 phases and graphically characterized. Like this you realize at first sight the focus of an exercise or game and you can create a well-balanced class.
Author: Roger Widmer. 1st Edition 2016. German Edition - Hofmann Schorndorf Publishing ISBN 978-3-7780-2961-9

BURNER GLADIATORS - Small Fights for Big Warriors
Burner Gladiators shows you a very attractive and versatile mix of fighting games. There are games one against one, team games, games with and without materials. You learn how to fight in a very playful way, guided by FMA expert Andreas Güttner. Hofmann Schorndorf publishing ISBN 978-3-7780-2951-0


Modules Mals 2017

Burner Games Fantasy
Play and forget the reality. Millions of people play electronic games and live other rules in the games. The Burner Games transfer this trend in the gym.

Burner Hunger Games
The famous trilogy from the cinema relives in the gym. The fight in the “Arena” live with fun games for warm up and beginning exercises.

Burner Top 10 Games
New games of the last six months. Appropriate for all the school level. Warm up for muscles and increase the smile.

Donut Hockey
A mix of Ice hockey, Floorball, and the Canadian Ringuette. Exciting skills also for beginners. Simply to play for everyone.

Burner Speed Handball
Speed Handball offer the best fun with a minimum of technical and tactical requests. New programme for 2017.

Burner Speed Basketball
Speed is like fun. With speed games and exercises we learn passing, dribbling and throwing. All is important for the successive games. New programme for 2017.


Burner Motion ltd.
Muriel Sutter
Lange Gasse 4
4052 Basel

Tel.         +41 79 643 43 48
E-mail:    info@burnermotion.ch
Website:  www.burnermotion.ch
FB: http://www.facebook.com/burnermotion

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