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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Marcel Straub
Street Racket

Portrait of Marcel Straub

Straub Marcel: http://www.streetracket.net/impressions


Street Racket – rock the street: This innovative movement concept is available anytime, anywhere, to anyone, alone or with others, is practically free and requires no infrastructure. What appears to be a utopian wish list becomes reality – through Street Racket. It is especially suited for the use in schools, to add activity in and around the daily schedules. There are many ways to use Street Racket in schools - during physical education classes, during breaks, to enrich events of all kind or even in the class room to increase the effect of learning through the combination with movement. Street Racket is the new basis for all racket sports, developed along the lines of „simplify to the max“. Thanks to the special and simple rules all players will experience feelings of competence and success from the very start which ensures motivation and therefore sustainable activity. Control is the key, it’s not about power and speed, but mainly about the hand-eye coordination. As a result, die combination of girls and boys, beginners and very good players or young and old works very well. Also, the concept can be transferred immediately into the private sector.

It’s very easy to draw your own sports ground at home and get involved with friends and family. There are no set measurements for a Street Racket court, it simply adapts to the available space. Let’s rock the street.


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