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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Janusz Smolinski

Portrait of Janusz Smolinski

Janusz Smoliński graduated from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw with specializations of football trainer and PE teacher.
For over 20 years he has been teaching Physical Education at a vocation school of construction profile in Zurich at the installation and fit-out department.


Smolball® is a team sport with two teams playing to score goals, each with three players and one goalkeeper. The game is played with Smolball® rackets (by the goalkeeper as well) which I designed for the game (they are short and narrow which makes it easier to use them) and a soft ball with a special layer. The ball can be played on the ground or in the air but it can be touched 4 times only. In a sports hall it can touch anything but the ceiling. On the grass the game is played with baselines and a corner throw. The technique of the hit is similar to the one used in badminton or squash. The team which have scored more goals is the one which wins the game. More information on : www.smolball.com

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