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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Helena Öman

Portrait of Helena Öman

ELITE Instructor di Piloxing ® SSP


A native of a small town in the picturesque region of Sweden, Dalarna, Helena grew up practicing horse-riding and soccer. Besides that, she also practiced swimming and running. In her twenties she decided to go to Italy to learn the language and ever since have she been dividing herself between Sweden and Italy, for the love of both countries. 
Helena has a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and a Master Degree in Sociology of Law, but she never stopped practicing sports, focusing on running. After some problems with her back she needed a discipline that would help her create a stronger internal physic and was introduced to PILOXING. It was love at first sight! She is currently teaching PILOXING in Bolzano, Italy. Helena Is an Elite Instructor in Piloxing SSP and an PIA instructor in Piloxing Knockout. For further info please check the official website www.piloxing.com .


Piloxing® is the registered trademark name of a cardio-fusion workout system created by the famous personal trainer Viveca Jensen. The system incorporates Pilates, boxing and dance for high-impact shaping and toning designed to work all major muscle groups. Piloxing® is intended as a total-body interval barefoot workout for people who are highly motivated to get in shape. It incorporates exercises for flexibility and aerobic endurance. Weighted gloves and standing Pilates further work the muscles for strength training and shaping. The goal is to build muscle mass, increase speed and agility, and achieve a sculpted body shape.


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