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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Richard Neuhaus
Burner breaking

Portrait of Richi Neuhaus

Born 1980 in Switzerland
Since 2000 Director of the dance school and event organistion “Lordz GmbH”
2000 – 2001 Physical education teacher at the school of Wetzikon
2002 – 2003 Realizing of different sports events for the event organisation “Opera AG”
2004 – 2006 Instructor in the professional high schools of Bern
2007 – 2009 Physical education teacher at the public school of Dübendorf
2009 – 2011 Director of the project “Migros Event lounge”
2012 Expert ESA
2014 Expert / Coach “youth and sports”
2016 National and international laboratories for the didactic books “Burner Breaking”



How do you teach fish to dance? The new didactic book Burner Breaking gives the answer with a lot of ideas and options. You learn breakdance individually or in pairs without too much theory, but through acrobatic elements and new choreographies.
The “Burner Breaking” offers new ideas for learning how to dance also for teachers without any dance experience.

Doing complex movements slowly and with less force?
Performing a “Windmill” quickly?
You can do it with the ultimate Power Machine.
Richi Neuhaus, dancer and choreograph, author of the “Burner Breaking” show you how to manage it.

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