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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Martina Mona Marti
Burner Acrobatics

Portrait Martina Mona Marti

Martina was born in Bern. At the age of 4 she started doing rhythmic gymnastics. After a few years she changed to artistic gymnastics. In her 20 year career as a gymnast, she won 4 Swiss national championships in the team.
In 2010 she went to the School for Performing Arts in Berlin. The programme included pantomime, acting, ballet, modern dance, acrobatic dance, juggling and air acrobatics.
Since 2013 Martina has been involved in the project “ Circus Luna” which organizes circus weeks for children. Since 2014 she has also been a coach of the Swiss gymnastics association.



Burner Acrobatics is the new way for gymnastics and apparatus gymnastics. Circus artistic, Akro Yoga, Aerial stunts are the big points. The collection is a product of cooperation with adolescent persons and contains creative ideas for all levels.
Main point:  Workshop for beginners.

BURNER ACROBATICS: Intermediate (2x)
Main point: Workshop and exercises with medium difficulty.

BURNER ACROBATICS: advanced (2x)
Main point: Sophisticated exercises and spectacular Aerial moves.

Simple means brings inspiration and pleasure in the acrobatics. Pyramids with three and more persons in numerous variants are a great entry for acrobatic. Previous knowledge and special crafts are not necessary. 

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