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Yoshio Furukawa
Gymnastics and game

Portrait Yoshio Furukawa

About the teacher

In the Japanese school the gymnastic name was revised by body structure movement   However, the method of instruction of the gymnastics for all which we have practiced is worthy also in body structure movement, and useful. Through my course, the following gymnastics will be introduced. • Gymnastics with Ball, Rope and Hoop: a series of movements are constituted using the newspaper and PET bottle. Moreover, a series of movements using gymnastics hand apparatus, such as a ball and a rope are also constituted. These are the combination of efficient movement for raising a skillful motion.

“Body Structure Movement (Gymnastics) ", Taisyukan, Tokyo, 2009
The view of a revised edition "Body Structure Movement", Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 2013

Work Shop
Guest Lecturer, 2014 International Sports Teaching Symposium.
Teacher, 2015 Sport Forum Mals.
Guest Lecturer, 2016 International Sports Teaching Symposium. 


In my lessons the following gymnastics will be introduced.

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