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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Matteo Clara, Patrick Pigneter
Natural track luge - trendsport for summer and winter

Portrait Clara and Pigneter

Patrick Pigneter born July 19, 1987 is an Italian luger who has competed since 2007. A natural track luger, he won nine medals at the FIL World Luge Natural Track Championships with four golds (Men's singles: 2009, Men's doubles: 2009, Mixed team: 2009, 2011), two silvers (Men's doubles: 2011, Mixed team: 2007), and three bronzes (Men's singles: 2005, 2007, 2011). Pigneter won six medals at the FIL European Luge Natural Track Championships with two golds (men's singles: 2010, men's doubles: 2010), two silvers (men's doubles: 2008, mixed team: 2010) and two bronzes (men's singles: 2006, 2008).

Matteo Clara
Born on 11.02.1988
Graduated from high school in electrical engineering and automation in Bruneck.
He works in the sector of renewable energy, telecommunication and glass fibre technology.
Sports career: Since 1997 sledge races. Since 2002 sport luge races.
Since 2011 coach of the junior sport group US Lungiaru`.
2011 – 2014: Formation in association management and international coaching for natural track luge.
Since 2014 coach in FIL (International Luge Federation).
Junior vice world champion in 2016 and junior vice world cup winner in 2016 as coach.

Natural track luge – trendsport for summer and winter





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