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TEACHERS OF THE sportforum mals 2019

Olegas Batutis
SNAG golf, Unusual use of gym benches in/during PE classes

Portrait of Olegas Batutis

Olegas Batutis, Doctor of sociology, associate professor of Lithuanian Physical Education Academy. Works PE teacher in the Prienai gimnasium „Ziburys“ and trainer-instructor in Kaunas health and sports center „Amazon-Gym“. Constantly leads workshops and classes for Lithuanian PE teachers. A member of methodological group on development and imrovement Lithuanian PE teaching programs. Has LAF (Lithuanian Aerobic Federation), FAF (Fitness Akademy of Finland), LAFA (Lithuanian Aerobic and Fitness Academy), „Reebok University“ and Euro Education (European Fitness School) certificates of these programs: „Low Impact“, „High Impact“, „Combo“, „Latina“, „Funk“, „House“, „Step“, „Circuit Step“, „Body Toning“, „Body Pamp“, „Circuit training“, „Tae-Bo“, „KiK-box“, „Pilates“, „Indoor Cycling“.


SNAG (Starting New At Golf) is a successful learning and training concept for golfers and golf beginners of all ages. Especially for children (from 2 years and upward) and young people it is the perfesct introduction to the sport of golf. SNAG stnds for fun and rapid results and has been developed through years of research and pratical experience in the U.S. and siplifies the basic techniques of golf.
Al the important elements of the game of golf are integrated: putting, chipping, pitching and launching (long shots).

Unusual use of gym benches in/during PE classes
Adventurous PE class with Functional training elements.Simple, physiologically based exercises, which students carry out one by one and in pairs, using the gymnastics benches and music.

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